Ljubljana Forum is an annual gathering that combines knowledge and experience of city governance and defines key areas, visions and strategies of the future development of cities.

“It is my pleasure to see Ljubljana Forum

invite more and more influential guests to our beautiful capital each year, as we also tackle more and more important topics. The Quality of life in the city is a vital topic that makes the mayor think like a citizen in trying to create a city he himself wants to live in.”
Mr Zoran Janković, Mayor of the City of Ljubljana


The workshop introduced an efficient approach to the development of a Smart City Strategy through 7 key steps that represent the basis of a smart transformation.


To offer a framework for cooperation, networking and learning among various stakeholders: political decision-makers, city leaders and city administration, investors, businesses, civil society, researchers, academics and students.

To empower this network of stakeholders to create prosperous future of cities through researching, developing and implementing the best practices of urban development.


participants, coming from all over the world.


expert speakers and moderators, coming from all over the world.


innovative governance, business, and technology solutions for promoting smart city development and improving city management.


best smart city practice cases and projects presented. Innovative business models and technology solutions for smart city development presented.


new project initiatives with a total value exceeding € 300 mio.



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