Pre-event of the 10th Anniversary of Ljubljana Forum 2021

Ljubljana Castle 10 years partner

Announcement of Ljubljana Forum city creation process - 2020 towards 2021

Ljubljana Forum connects over 1.200 international stakeholders involved in urban development, between them mayors and city leaders, the European Investment Bank and representatives of the industry that offers solutions for cities. In nine years, there have been over 300 expert lectures on the development of a smart, sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities.

In the period from October1st 2020 to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Ljubljana Castle, in autumn 2021 during Slovenia's presidency of the EU, individual projects will be developed and presented as examples of good practice in implementing the EU Recovery Plan for Europe (EUR 750 billion).

In 2020 we start with the one year process with the introductory speeches of respective speakers which will present the highlights related to the Recovery and Resilience of the EU and the role of cities, Accessible cities, Circular Economy for Post Covid 19 City, The role of Chambers of Commerce connecting companies and cities, industry solutions for city development and Evolution of Smart City from 1.0 towards 3.0.

We start with the 1 year process on Thursday 1st of October at 10.00. You are kindly invited to participate and give your share.


Mr. Blaž GOLOB

Chairman of Ljubljana Forum



Mayor of the City of Ljubljana


Mr. Miran GAJŠEK

Head of Department for Urban planning – City of Ljubljana / Co-Chairman of Ljubljana Forum

Ms. MSc Ladeja Godina Košir

Founder and Executive Director Circular Change Institute for Circular Economy


Mr. Lorenzo MADRID

Smart City Expert - Key Note Speaker


Mr. Marjan Brelih

Product Manager at Petrol

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