Ljubljana Forum
Future of Cities Award 2015


PARK TABOR, prostoROĊ½, Slovenia

The revitalisation of Park Tabor developed the park into a vibrant, creative and diverse urban place - a meeting place for the neighbourhood, a place where the residents like to spend their time, and where new stories about the park and community are created.

ANKARA BOULEVARD, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality,Turkey

The Project of Ankara Boulevard ensured a faster, comfortable and safer transportation to the citizens and it significantyl improved the efficiency of public transportation. In addition, with 60 thousand trees, 3 million bushes, 600 thousand square meters grass and 100 thousand roses being planted alognside the Ankara Boulevard became the greenest road of Turkey.

TBILISY, CITY OF THE FUTURE, Technology Development Fund, Georgia

"Tbilisi, City of Future" project is aimed towards developing Tbilisi as a modern European city that stands out with its openness and effort to become leader in development, innovations and technology in the region by improving energy efficiency, development of university cluster, business incubator and City Forum for the involvement of citizens in the decision-making process.


Open House Worldwide is leading architectural educational international network as it attempts to incite debate and dialogue around how architecture affects daily living. Open House concept is empowering citizens, investors and decision makers without any formal training in design, to improve their own built environment.