Ljubljana Forum 2013

Mr. Blaž Golob, Chairman, Ljubljana Forum, GFS Institute Up

Mr. Blaž Golob, Chairman, Ljubljana Forum, GFS Institute

Blaž Golob is the founding director of the Centre for eGovernance Development for South East Europe (www.cegd.eu) and the president of Bled Forum on Europe, foresight think-tank (www.bled-forum.org), which is a Millennium Project Node for South East Europe (www.stateofthefuture.org). Mr. Golob is an associate member of the Business Advisory Council for South Eastern Europe and IEDC Bled School of Management Leadership forum.

Mr. Golob is an expert on foresight, policy making, strategy design and law. He provides advice and co-operates with European Commission, different governments and public entities, civil society and private sector in Slovenia, Europe and worldwide. He specialized in European Law at Cambridge University.

As a president of European Law Students Association ELSA, based in Brussels, Mr. Golob strengthened NGOs activities in 41 European countries, Africa, Latin America, Japan and USA. Mr. Golob started his career in private sector as an editor in GV leading publishing house in Slovenia for business and legal magazines. During the negotiation process with the European Union Mr. Golob worked for the Government of Slovenia. At the concluding years of the EU enlargement process, he worked for the European Commission, namely leading EU socio-economic think-tank Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) based in Seville (http://ipts.jrc.ec.europa.eu). Mr. Golob is a co-author of the EU Enlargement futures studies and author of the European Commission study-report on; S&T Institutions and S&T Policies in the EU Acceding Countries; Challenges for the Development of the Knowledge Based Economy.

Mr. Zoran Janković, Mayor, City of Ljubljana Up

Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana

Zoran Janković was born on 1st January 1953 in the village of Saraorci in Smederevo, where he spent his childhood. Subsequently, his family moved to Ljubljana, where he first attended Poljane High School and then graduated successfully from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics.

Zoran Janković’s professional career began before he had finished his studies in 1978 in the investment sector at the Slovenian Post Office. His extremely successful and brilliant business career took him to appointed CEO of retailer Mercator, which he successfully led until November 2005.

Almost exactly a year later, on 22 October 2006, receiving 62.99% of the votes cast by the citizens of Ljubljana, he was overwhelmingly elected Mayor of the capital of the Republic of Slovenia. In October 2010 he won the second time with an overall majority of the votes (64,79%) , while his list once again has an absolute majority in the city council, where they hold 25 of the 45 seats.


Mr. Stanko Stepišnik, Minister, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Republic of Slovenia Up

Stanko Stepišnik, Minister, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Republic of Slovenia

Stanko Stepišnik, MSc, born on 5 June 1956 in Šmiklavž, graduated in mechanical engineering and received a master's degree in business sciences. He graduated in 1978 at the then Technical College of the University of Maribor and passed the pedagogical-andragogical exam at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana in 1984. He gained his master's degree in management planning and organisation in 1996 at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Maribor.

Immediately upon completing his studies, Stepišnik began his career by working for the enterprise Emo as a technologist heading the technology department, and was promoted to head of engineering. In 1981 he obtained a project designer certificate at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and continued his career in the enterprise ITC Celje, where has was offered the position of lead project designer. In 1984 Stepišnik resumed his career in EMO – Orodjarna, d. o. o. in Celje to become director of the enterprise. He remained in that position until 2012, all the while actively engaged in pedagogical activities.

Mr Stepišnik was elected to the National Assembly as a deputy at the Pozitivna Slovenija list in snap elections taking place in December 2011. He performed the vice-president duties in the Committee on the Economy, was a member of the Commission for Public Finance Control and of the Committee on Finance and Monetary Policy, and was also the deputy member in the Commission of Inquiry for Determining Abuses in the Slovenian Banking System.

Stanko Stepišnik, MSC is an advocate of long-term and smart measures which will improve the economic and social conditions in the country. He firmly believes competitiveness should be promoted and enhanced and advocates high quality level of products and services as well as of innovation. Stepišnik believes that economic and social breakthrough will take place through continuous investments in research and development, education and training, acquisition of skills and experience and through smart investments building on added value.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia appointed Stanko Stepišnik Minister of Economic Development and Technology on 20 March 2013.

Mr. Henk van der Kamp, President, ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners) Up

Henk van der Kamp, President, ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners)

Hendrik W van der Kamp is the Head of the School of Spatial Planning and Transport in Dublin Institute of Technology (www.dit.ie). He holds a Degree (Ir) in Urban and Regional Planning (MScEng 1978) from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Since 1982 he has worked as a professional planner in Ireland in roles at local government, the national planning appeals board, a national research institute and in universities. As well as providing planning advice to community groups, architects, consultants and private developers, he has given advice and acted as an expert evaluator to a range of public sector bodies incl. Government Departments and the European Commission. He chaired the Sustainability Focus Group of the Government Policy on Architecture and recently chaired the steering group for Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies. He was a member of the expert advisory committee for the National Spatial Strategy of Ireland and recently completed an independent review of recommendations relating to planning policy and practice in Ireland for the Irish Minister of Planning. He is president of the European Council of Spatial Planners and a Past-President of the Irish Planning Institute. He is vice-chair of the COST Transport and Urban Development Domain Committee (www.cost.eu). Within ECTP he has recently chaired the Working Group on professional recognition of planning qualifications across Europe.

Mr. Tone Peršak, Mayor, President NALAS - SEE Region Municipality Association Up

Henk van der Kamp, Mayor, President NALAS - SEE Region Municipality Association

Born 02.01.1947 in Ločki vrh (eastern Slovenia)

Graduated on the University of Ljubljana on the Philosophical faculty – Comparative literature and literary theory and on the Academy for Theater, Radio, Film and TV as director (theater and radio).

Till 1990 worked as director and writer, since 1978 also as assistant and assistant professor on Academy for Theater, Radio, Film and TV.

Since 1988 till 1991 included in the movement for independence of Slovenia, also as cofounder of first declared oppositional political organization in Slovenia (Slovene Democratic Alliance).

In 1990 elected as member of the last »People's Assemble« of Slovenia, still constituted by the constitution of Yugoslavia and constitution of Republic Slovenia.

After the Announcement of the independence of Slovenia (June 1991), after short independence war with Yugoslav people's army (June and July 1991) and after adoption of the Constitution of (independent) Republic of Slovenia (December 1991) once more elected as member of National assemble (1992) and in the spring of 1994 as president of Democratic party of Slovenia (till 1998).

In the year 1998 first time elected as the mayor of Municipality Trzin (afterwards also in the years 2002, 2006 and 2010).

All the time, also after 1990, active also as writer (also as president of Slovene Writers association and Slovene Pen center), in September 2013 elected on the Congress of Pen International as president of Writers for Peace Committee of Pen International.

As mayor and functionary of Slovene union of municipalities a few years ago elected as vice-president of NALAS (Network of the Associations local communities and local self-government for south east Europe) and in the spring of 2013 as president of NALAS.

Mr. Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project Up

Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project

Igor Simčič is a Slovenian entrepreneur with clear visionary ideas of a strong and united European continent. In 1995, he has founded a sailing project symbolizing the blurring of European borders, which has since then grown to represent the whole European continent and continues its mission in collaboration with the Russian Federation. Furthermore, Igor Simčič is the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Slovenia.

Igor Simčič’s Esimit Europa project aims to promote Pan-European cooperation and spread a sense of common European identity through the unifying power of sports – the Esimit Europa 2 yacht. It sails under the European flag and on board joins representatives of 10 different European nationalities who bring to the team rich experience of being the winners of world’s most renowned sailing races, Olympic, World and European champions. With winning performances at some of the world's most demanding sailing challenges, the yacht is a true ambassador of the European continent. By organizing events that inspire successful partnerships, Igor Simčič’s project serves as a platform for fostering collaboration on diplomatic, business and sports levels. Furthermore, it enjoys the patronage of José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

For his exceptional efforts in promoting the idea of friendship and collaboration on the entire European continent, Igor Simčič has received several endorsements to his project by distinguished European diplomats. Among those who recently expressed their support are Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Sergey V. Lavrov, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, and Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia.

Mr. Ibon Zugasti, PhD, President, European College of Foresight Up

Ibon Zugasti

Ibon Zugasti, M.S. is Partner/Director at Prospektiker, General Manager at LKS Market Research, Chairman of the Millennium Project Node in Spain, President of the European Regional Foresight College, and National coordinator in Spain for the PREPARE Network.

Since 1999, Ibon has led several European research projects and other consulting projects in the fields of foresight, regional development, sustainable development, training, and energy. He is also advisor for the Committee of the Regions of the EU for the launching of the European Platform on Territorial Foresight. Since 2010, he is the Chairman of the Millennium Project in Spain and President of the European Regional Foresight College.

He is coauthor of different publications such as Latin America 2030: Delphi Survey and Scenarios (The Millennium Project), An initial assessment of territorial forward planning/foresight projects in the European Union (Committee of the Regions of the EU), and The aging Basque population. Economic and social consequences (Basque Government). He also contributes to the yearly publication State of the Future by the Millennium Project.

Ibon earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Deusto, Spain and earned his Master’s in Strategic Management from Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA. He has been teaching strategic management at the University of Deusto and foresight in many seminars at the international level.

Mr. Alexander Prosser, prof.dr., Associate Professor, WU, Vienna University Up

Alexander Prosser

Prof. Alexander Prosser habilitated at WU in 1998 and held positions at HEC, Paris and the University of Technology, Sydney. His research fields are eGovernment and electronic citizen participation. He co-founded the EVOTE conference series, the EDEM conference series (now part of the DEXA cluster), and co-organises the Eastern European eGov Days and the Internationale Rechtsinformatiksymposium IRIS. He chairs the Forum eGovernment and is member of the board of the Austrian Computer Society. Alexander has well over 100 academic publications and also organised several academic research pilots, among them three Internet voting pilots with a system designed and developed by his own research team.

Organisations he provided expertise for in research projects include the Council of Europe, Eurocontrol, the Austrian Federal Chancellery, IBM, a-trust, the Federal Data Processing Agency, the Ministry of the Interior, Wiener Zeitung (the official journal of the Republic) and the City of Vienna.

Alexander’s teaching focus has been on ERP and business intelligence using SAP systems since 1994. He built up the SAP-based teaching programmes at the University of Technology Sydney, Fachhochschule Salzburg and WU. All subjects he designed and currently teaches are SAP-certified. Alexander is member of the SAP university alliance and one of the few members of the world-wide SAP Business by Design lighthouse programme.

Mr. Mark Chetwood, Vice President, Industries and Value Creation, CEE, IBM Up

Mark Chetwood, Vice President, Industries and Value Creation, CEE, IBM

Mark is responsible for IBM’s strategic growth investments and initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe, having been appointed to this new role in July 2013. His responsibilities include key industry initiatives including Energy and Utilities, Telecommunications and others, as well as initiatives that span multiple industries including Smarter Cities, Business Analytics and others.

Mark joined IBM in the UK and has spent most of his thirty year IBM career developing IBM’s industry and solutions business, initially in the banking industry. He has held sales leadership positions in the UK, Europe, and worldwide, and has recently returned from an 18 month assignment in Shanghai as an executive in IBM’s global Growth Markets Unit.

Mr. Lorenzo Madrid, Senior Consultant, Redmond USA, GFS Institute Up

Lorenzo Madrid, Senior Consultant, Redmond USA, GFS Institute

Lorenzo Madrid has over 30 years of working experience in the ITC industry.

For many years Lorenzo was a consultant for the Brazilian Government on the technical architectures introducing innovative e-government Systems such as the Trade and Tax Revenue systems supporting over 55 millions of users and billions of transactions per month. Later he was nominated CIO for Education Secretary - State of Sao Paulo, providing Internet services to 6.000 schools, 300.000 teachers and 6 Million students. He was a council member for the Government IT Board responsible for IT policies in the Goverment.

On the private sector, Lorenzo worked 10 years in Microsoft, as its Technology Officer, advising several Governments around the world how to best use technologies to promote social economic development.

He has been keynote speaker in several international events, such as COMDEX, The Economist World Forum, the World Wide Forum in Technology for Tax Systems, the West Indies Government Conference, The Philippines Information Officers Forum and many others, addressing the importance of technology in society and its impact to leverage economic growth.

He also lectured at The Dubai School of Government, in the CeDG Government Renaissance Events, at the National University of Singapore and in Harvard at the John Kennedy School of Business.

Lorenzo Madrid holds a BSc in engineering with MSc work in Calculus from the Polytechnic School in Brazil . He is also a Fellow at CTG - Center for Technology in Government - State University of New York - Albany.

With three books and several articles about the impact of technology in society, Lorenzo currently works as a consultant for governments.

Mr. Joan Amorós, Secretary General, FERRMED Up

Mr. Joan Amorós, Secretary General, FERRMED

Mr Amorós has over 35 years’ experience in the field of transportation; he has held senior / directive positions in Nissan Motor Ibérica, S.A and Nissan Distribution Service Barcelona (Logistical Centre of Southern Europe) as well as in the Executive Committee of “Barcelona Centre Logístic”. Currently Mr Amorós is Executive Secretary General of Euro Mediterranean Business Association, R+D+4i Project Executive Secretary General, member of the Board of Port of Barcelona and General Secretary of FERRMED. As General Secretary of FERRMED, Mr Amorós’ commitment to the development for the Trans-European Transport Network is undeniable. He has actively participated and worked towards the accomplishment of a European vision in the development of the rail and multimodal network. Most of the criteria and standards proposed by FERRMED have been broadly accepted as key for the improvement of rail freight transport. Mr Amorós holds a doctorate in Civil Engineering and has authored several books.

Mr. Miran Gajšek, MSc, arch., Head of Planning, Municipality of Ljubljana Up

Miran Gajšek, Head of the Department for Spatial Management, City of Ljubljana

Miran Gajšek, M. Sc., B. Arch., born in Celje on 11th August 1960. Lived in Ljubljana and now living in Celje, Slovenia. Married. Two sons.

Finished Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, title: Spatial development of Ljubljana in the north, (1987). Finished Masters degree at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, title: Regionalization and citisation of Slovenia, (1995).

  • 1987-1993: Town Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia, (research work, detail plans for cities Ljubljana and Novo mesto)
  • 1993-2000: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Office of spatial planning, (Department on regional planning - two years as head, Department of international issues)
  • 2000 - Municipality of Celje, (MOC): Department of Spatial planning and Land management, Director (2000-2002), Assistant director 2002-2003;
  • 2003 - 2005: MOC: Head of Sector for Spatial planning and European projects; Municipality of Ljubljana: Head of department of Town Planning, (2005 - ).


Ms. Andreja Jerina, MSc, State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Up

Andreja Jerina, MSc, State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment

Andreja Jerina has long term senior experience in administration and governance in particular in programming, implementation and evaluation of development programs both at EU and national level. In the last 15 years she is at the most senior positions within the Government of Slovenia. She has been actively involved in negotiations on European Multi-annual Financial perspectives and designing and setting implementation system for management of EU funds in Slovenia including pre-accession assistance. She has actively participated in the recent introduction of results oriented budgeting within the national budgeting procedure. She was appointed head of working party for developing national financing platform assuring better access to finance for business sector in particular for SMEs.

She is also responsible for coordination of EU enlargement process within Slovenia and actively involved in administrative capacity building process in wider region including within the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region

Mr. Mark Major, EU Permanent Civil Servant, European Commission Up

Mark Major, EU Permanent Civil Servant, European Commission

Mr. Mark Major holds the position of EU Permanent Civil Servant, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, for the last 12 years. His Key qualifications are Transport and climate change, Urban mobility policy, EU transport policy, Logistics and freight transport and EU decision making and procedures.

- 1985 to 1989 BEng (with Honours): Civil Engineering, Oxford Polytechnic, UK
- 1993 to 1994 Masters: International Management, American Graduate School of International Management, USA (MBA)

Professional experience:

Date from
Date to
Location Company Position Description
1992-1993 Oxford, UK Hydraulics Research Project Manager Project management, mathematical modelling, site survey, software development, software training.
1995-1999 Nottingham, UK Nottingham City Council Senior Transport Planner Urban transport planning, research project management, mobility plans,
1999- now Brussels, BE European Commission Policy Officer Transport policy development, international environment negotiations (UNFCCC, IMO, UNCSD), relationships with stakeholders and pressure groups, preparation of European legislation, project evaluation and management, presentation of policy.


Other relevant information (e.g. Publications):
EU Delegation – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 2007-2010 (transport aspects)

EU Delegation – United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) – 2012 (transport aspects)

EU Delegation – International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2007-2012 Other skills: Experienced public speaker, International project and programme and project management, International environmental negotiations.

Mr. Dejan Komatina, PhD, Secretary, International Sava River Basin Commission  Up

Dejan Komatina, Secretary General, Interational Sava River Basin Commission

Born in Belgrade (Serbia), on December 14, 1964, Mr. Dejan Komatina holds a Ph. D. in Civil Engineering, obtained at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade.

He began his professional career in 1989 at the Department of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, first as the teaching assistant and later on as the teacher in “River Engineering” and “Waterways and Ports”. He was also the teacher in “Waterways and Ports” at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at the University of Belgrade. As of the year 2004, he was also the lecturer in “Land Reclamation” at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the University of Banjaluka (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

His scientific research work mainly referred to environmental river engineering, including sustainable flood management. He published two monographs and a number of scientific papers and is a member of several expert bodies. He owns the license of a professional engineer, issued by the Chamber of Engineers of the Republic of Serbia.

Taking part in international scientific projects, he worked at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, and at the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

As of January 9, 2006, he is the Secretary of the International Sava River Basin Commission, seated in Zagreb (Croatia).

Mr. Franc Žepič, MSc, Priority Area Coordinator, EU Danube Strategy, Ministry for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Up

Franc Žepič, MSc, Priority Area Coordinator, EU Danube Strategy, Ministry for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning

Mr. Žepič was entrusted coordination of the Priority area 1b: To improve mobility and multimodality – rail, road and air links of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) by the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, after having spent eight years at the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the European Union in Brussels as transport counsellor. During the first Slovenian presidency to the Council of the EU in the first half of 2008 he chaired Working party on aviation, Working party on land transport and Working party on intermodal questions and networks.

He has previously worked as state undersecretary at the Ministry of transport responsible for transport policy. In the last 15 years Mr. Žepič obtained experience and skills, among others, in EU transport policy, international relations, road and rail policy, as well as in aviation policy. He always treats all transport modes on equal basis, therefore closely follows the co-modality and full transport integration approach.

Mr. Žepič was born in 1957 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. He graduated in 1983 from the University of Ljubljana as Economic geologist and he has been in 1991 duly awarded the degree of Master of Science in Geostatistics from the ITC Delft, The Netherlands.

Mr. An Krumberger, co-founder and Director, World 2033 Up

Mr. An Krumberger, co-founder and Director, World 2033

An Krumberger is a Co-founder of World 2033, a global forum to take place in 2013 identifying major directions of the globalized world bringing together professionals and key decision makers from politics, private sector, non-governmental organizations, media and experts from major global fields. Before, Krumberger served as President of European Movement Slovenia, a pan-European lobby organization which promotes European integration. One of the major projects during his mandate was Ljubljana Congress in 2009 where representatives of civil society from the southeastern Europe met with their national leaders to discuss the role of civil society in their respective countries and wider region. In 2004 he founded International Students Society of Slovenia, an organization providing support to Slovenian students who study abroad and help them in the transition back to their home country. He was active in several other student organizations, especially during his studies in the United States. Krumberger attended several international events as a speaker and moderator, amongst others, he helped to draft an agenda for the future of young people in Europe and Asia at the World Bank Conference on Young People in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in Rome, Italy in 2007. He attended high school in Nova Gorica, Slovenia and continued his studies in Tucson, Arizona, USA in the field of Business Administration and Management. He is fluent in Slovenian and English and speaks German and Italian moderately. In his free time he is active in charity.

Mr. Michele Leonardi, PhD, IBM, Chief Operational Officer, IBM Slovenia Up

Michele Leonardi, Chief Operating Officer, IBM Slovenia

Michele joined IBM in 1999. He has vast experience in IT and has held many leadership roles in IBM, such as Global Technology Services Leader for SouthEast Europe, Maintenance and Technical Support Leader for Central and Eastern Europe and IBM Slovenia Sales Manager. Before joining IBM he worked as a Researcher at Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. Michele holds a Ph.D. in Electrotechnical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana and an MBA from the Henley Management College, UK.

Mrs. Brigita Jamnik, PhD, VO-KA Up

Brigita Jamnik, PhD, VO-KA

Ms. Brigita Jamnik defended her doctoral thesis on physical chemistry at Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University in Ljubljana in 1995. Since 1996 she has worked for VOKA Public Utility. She has dealt with water resources management problems. In 2009-2012 she managed the European project entitled INCOME and the accredited chemical laboratory in 2008-2010 at the same time. Her present everyday activities cover the field of drinking water safety as she works as the person responsible for drinking water quality. Her bibliography encompasses more than 150 units of original scientific and professional papers, presentations, layman’s articles, etc.

Mr. Marko Komac, PhD, Director, Geological Survey of Slovenia Up

Marko Komac, PhD, Director, Geological Survey of Slovenia

Mr. Marko Komac, PhD, is a Director General of the Geological Survey of Slovenia and current Vice-president of IUGS, an International union of Geological Sciences (www.iugs.org) with affiliated members from 120 countries and with more than one million members. He’s a member of the OneGeology Global (www.onegeology.org) Steering Group as the representative for Europe, a member of the Coordinating and Advisory Committees of European Geopark Network, a member of the Executive Committee of the Slovenian Geotechnical Society, a President of Advisory Board of Karavanke/Karawanken Geopark and a member of Board of Governors of public infrastructure institute Izum. In 2011 and 2012 he was President of EGS, an organisation of 33 European geological surveys (www.eurogeosurveys.org) and was from 2010 to 2012 a President of the Slovenian IGCP National Committee. His scientific background as geologist includes research in landslide processes, spatial statistics, remote sensing and GIS in various fields of geology. He was lead researcher in three domestic research projects and was or still is actively involved in 12. He’s also involved in one ongoing European research project and was involved in seven concluded European research projects focused in thematic of landslides, remote sensing and IT in geology. He's a member of the IEEE – Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, the Slovenian Geological Society, the Slovenian Geotechnical Society, the Slovenian Nuclear Scientists Association, the Society Mensa – Slovenia and a member of the Editorial Board of the international scientific journals Landslides, Geologija and Zapisnici Srpskog geološkog drustva - Comptes rendus des séances da la Société Serbe de géologie. He’s an assistant professor at the Faculty for Natural Sciences at the University of Ljubljana and an assistant professor at the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica, where he gives course on GIS. Until September 2013 he published 402 bibliographic units.

Mr. Matjaž Eberlinc, PhD, Assistant Executive Manager R&D, HSE Up

Mr. Matjaž Eberlinc, PhD, Assistant Executive Manager R&D, HSE

Matjaž Eberlinc was born in Trbovlje, Slovenia. He graduated in 2005 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He has participated in professional activities at the Faculty. The result of his research is reflected in the papers published in both domestic and foreign journals, conferences and patents. In 2009, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of power engineering, entitled "Hybrid turbine machine with combined flow field." He is employed at HSE in the research and development department as an Assistant Executive Manager, involved into the HSE Group investments, research and development and actively participating in the implementation of the relevant national and EU legislative frameworks. He is a member of TEŠ Unit 6 Supervisory board, Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of companies SENG d.o.o. and TET d.o.o. He is also a member of several organizations, such as EZS, SIST, Eurelectric and CEN.

Mr. Leo Penović, MEng, General Manager, HEP RVNP Up

Leo Penović, CEO, HEP

I was born on 6. August 1963. in Zagreb. I have graduated on 2. December 1988. at faculty of civil engineering in Split. I became member of Croatian chamber of architects and engineers since year 2002. Since 28 April 2011 I am Certified Senior Project Manager IPMA Level B.

I am married and have two children, son of 22 and daughter of 18 years.

Brief description of my career:
CEO HEP Multipurpose real estate projects – Zagreb, Program director of the Program of protection, regulation and utilization of the river Sava from border with Republic of Slovenija to the city of Sisak

2011 -
Lender Supervision Skopje City Mall – Client Raiffeisen SHA 2011 - 2012 Supervision of design and construction Municipality communal waste management centre Marinšćina Rijeka Croatia Supervision of design and construction Municipality communal waste management centre Kaštijun Pula Croatia Additional Technical Due Diligence Skopje City Mall – Client EBRD

2006 - 2011
I joined TriGranit, firstly on position of project manager for Ciovo project, where was planned to develop resort with hotel and touristic villas. Project was planed as 36.000 m2 development on 9 ha. Total value of investment was budgeted as 80.000.000,00€. From second half of year 2007 I joined TriGranit team for Arena Centar development of shopping center in Zagreb, where I finally took position of project manager from beginning of year 2008. It is development of shopping center of 180.000 m2 GBA, and 60.000 m2 GLA, total value of investment is cca 220.000.000 €.

2003 – 2006
I worked for contractor company Brodosplit Inženjering as project manager on various projects.

2002 – 2003
renovation of old bridge in Mostar.

1997 – 2002
Working for construction company Eurodom Split on these jobs:

2001 – 2002
project manager on project of renovation of hotel Lav in Split. Total value of investment was predicted in that time more than 30.000.000, 00 €.

1998 – 2001
project and construction manager and head engineer on building site of project „Lovretski Dvori“in Split. Total area of build space is 22.000 m2, and value of project is 15.000.000, 00 €

Mr. Lothar Schupet,CEO, BMW Group Slovenia Up

Lothar Schupet, CEO, BMW Group Slovenia

Lothar Schupet studied Business Administration and Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He also holds a Master degree on International Business. He joined BMW BMW Group in 1999. He has a vast experience in automotive industry and has held various managerial positions within BMW Group. From 2009 till 2012 he was Regional Area Manager in charge of steering South European National Sales Companies. He was responsible for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and markets of Central Eastern Europe. Since 1st of December 2012 he is General Manger of BMW Group Slovenia.

Mr. Christof Droste, Managing Director, Hella Saturnus Slovenia Up

Mr. Christof Droste, Managing Director, Hella Saturnus Slovenia

Place and date of birth: Warstein, Germany, 03 April 1961
Citizenship: German
Education: Graduate in Electrical Engineering

Work experience: Employed in HELLA KGaA HUECK & CO, Lippstadt, Germany, for 26 years.

From 1987 to 1998 Hella Aftermarket (spare parts): For 12 years in management positions, he was engaged in strategic planning and development of a business network of spare parts, he coordinated the operations of Hella spare part plants at the level of the Hella Group and organised new product lines (e.g. product line for air conditioning spare parts).

From 1999 on Hella Original Equipment (first equipment products for the automotive industry):
- Director of the components plant at the leading Hella site in Germany,
- From August 2003 on, Technical Director of Hella Saturnus Slovenija,
- In 2006, Crisis Manager in the Hella lighting equipment production plant in China,
- In 2007, Deputy Managing Director of Hella Saturnus Slovenija,
- From 2008 on, Managing Director of the company Hella Saturnus Slovenija.

Received awards and recognitions:
Under his leadership, the company Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o. received the following awards: »Ford Q1« award, February 2008, Golden award with certificate received from GZS OZ Ljubljana (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana region) for the innovation »LED module with heat dissipation«, June 2008, Silver award for Best Innovation 2007 received from GZS for the innovation »LED module with heat dissipation«, September 2008, Volkswagen Group Award 2009 for the Golf 6 GTI headlamp project, June 2009, Invest Slovenia FDI Award 2010, October 2010, Honorable speaker at the 22nd Operational Excellence Forum, May 2011 Manager of the Year 2011, October 2011, Award for the Support of Motor Sports Development in Slovenia, December 2011, Rating of the Year 2011, February 2012, Plaquette for contribution to the development of Slovenian local community, March 2012, Award for best energy company in the category of large-scale companies. March 2012, Nissan Supplier Quality Award, Europe Most Improved Award 2011, July 2012.

Other functions and memberships:
Member of the Management Board of the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Member of the Management Board of the Slovenian Automotive Component Manufacturers Association Member of ACS, Automotive Cluster of Slovenia Member of the Managers' Association of Slovenia Member of the FELU (Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Business Advisory Board

Additional Training in Leadership:
Specialised 4-year training for future Hella managers 1997-2001

Mr. David García Ternero, CEO & Co-founder, Wellness Telecom Up

Mr. David García Ternero, CEO & Co-founder, Wellness Telecom

With a great leadership capacity and experience coordinating international level projects, David García Ternero have demonstrated enormous skills to drive projects involving multicultural teams to success. He is one of the founders of Wellness Telecom, a company created in 2008 with the aim to develop new and innovative technological solutions to improve the performance of the cities and the quality of life of its citizens.

Now the company has more than 70 people in different locations around the world. At the present, he is the CEO of Wellness Telecom.

David has a degree in Telecommunications Engineering specialized in Computer Networks from the University of Seville, he completed his education in european and north american universities: Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm (Sweden), and the University of Michigan (USA). This, along with his professional experience in several leading companies, made David an expert about the telecommunications world from a variety of points of view: Technological, Commercial, and Organizational. And especially, he can provide the experience of creating a successful technology and innovation multinational company, in a difficult environment surrounded by the global financial crisis.

Mr. Mitja Dujc, Sales and Marketing Dept., Port of Koper Up

Mr. Mitja Dujc, Sales and Marketing Dept., Port of Koper

Born 1967 in Koper Finished University of traffic and transport in Portorož and later Master degree on the same university.
Working 26 years in transport, logistics and port segments/busineses.
In Koper Port since 1995

Since arriving in the Koper Port he was:
- Director of Terminal in Port of Trieste/Italy
- Director of Terminal in Port of Koper/Slovenia
- Director of Representative office of Koper Port in Hungary with seat in Budapest
- Director of Representative office of Koper Port in Germany with seat in Munchen
- Lately, since 2011, Sales manager in Sales and Marketing dept. of Koper Port

Mr. Miroslav Polzer, Secretary General, IAAI Up



Individual Member of the Academic Council on United Nations System (ACUNS)

Individual Member of European Association of Development Research and Training Associations (EADI)

Mr. Aleš Groznik, prof.dr., Faculty of Economics, Department of Information Sciences, University of Ljubljana Up

Mr. Aleš Groznik, prof.dr., Faculty of Economics, Department of Information Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Aleš Groznik is a full professor in the Department of Information Sciences at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. His research interest is in the areas of long range planning of IT and logistics. His research area also covers studies on supply chain management, e-business, information technology management in ever changing business environments. He published over 150 papers in international journals and conferences.

Mrs. Helene von Reibnitz, Owner, SCENARIOS + VISION Up

Helene von Reibnitz, Owner, SCENARIOS + VISION

Mrs. von Reibnitz works as a foresight expert since more than 30 years. She is a developer of creativity, innovation, foresight and multicultural management methods which she turns into practical and efficient tools. Her mission is to help organizations and individuals to become fit and prepared for whatever kind of future change or challenge. Her clients are large and medium-sized private and public companies in aerospace, automobile, consumer industries, financial services, health care, IT, government agencies; she is working in Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East.

She runs her own consulting company, SCENARIOS + VISION, and is a member of international foresight networks, such as ERFC (European Regional Foresight Network), French Node of the Millennium Project, WFS (World Future society).

Her services cover lectures, workshops, projects, trainings, coachings in English, French and German on foresight, innovation and multicultural management. She is author of 3 books on Foresight, published in English, French, German, Korean and Russian; see website.

She is born 1951 in Trier, Germany; economist, master in NLP, in Coaching, in Geobiophysics; lecturing at universities and international management institutes in France, Germany, Switzerland, USA.

Mr. Simon Delakorda, Director, Institute for eParticipation Up

Mr. Simon Delakorda, Director, Institute for eParticipation

Simon Delakorda, M.Sc., (1978) is a full time eDemocracy / eParticipation practitioner & researcher and founding director of the Institute for Electronic Participation in Ljubljana (www.inepa.eu). Starting in 2000, he participated in an early internet democracy projects within university and NGO's sector in Slovenia. He is an author and co-author of articles and case studies and conference speaker on democracy, political participation, active citizenship, non-governmental organizations and governments on-line. He received political science B.Sc. degree on e-democracy in 2002 and M.Sc. degree on e-participation in 2009. Currently, he is Ph.D. student of Social Informatics at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. He worked as an e-democracy course associate and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, as co-founder and head of the Centre of Electronic Democracy at the Institute of Ecology and as an e-democracy associate at the Arctur IT Company Ltd. During 2006-2007 he coordinated and managed the E-participacija web portal and facilitated the first successful e-democracy project in Slovenia - the Citizen's Forum. In 2007 he founded the Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA). His current projects and research focus include political informatics, democratic challenges of digital society, e-participation at the EU level and civil society e-democracy. His memberships include the Slovenian Political Science Association, Demonet: the eParticipation network of Excellence, CEE CN eParticipation experts group and Association of the Slovene NGO's managers. He received awards and experts recognitions as an e-democracy student, expert and facilitator.

Mr. Peter Lorenz, Owner, Peter Lorenz Ateliers Up

Peter Lorenz, Owner, Peter Lorenz Ateliers

Peter Lorenz´s first atelier started in Innsbruck in 1980. Before that he achieved his academic diploma in Innsbruck 1975 later in Venice 1983 and set up a second office in Vienna in 1991. So far peterlorenzateliers handled some 400 commissions - one third of which have been built.

Corresponding to Peter´s philosophy of "creativity by universality" his projects have been varied and come in all shapes and sizes - covering everything from washbasin design right through to large scale urban planning. The works of peterlorenzateliers includes shopping centers, interior design, conversion jobs, residential quarters, hotels and multifunctional projects... Many victories in architect´s competitions, participations in international juries, prizes of all kinds and part-time teaching do complete his working capacity.

Services offered: urban planning (master-plan, urbanistic studies, lay out plan), architecture (feasibility studies, architectural design, detailed planning), design (interior design, industrial design, ci-design). Also Lorenz is engaged in worldwide teaching, lecturing, juries and consulting. 

Mr. Mitja Bricelj, PhD, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Republic of Slovenia Up

Mr. Mitja Bricelj, PhD, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Republic of Slovenia

Mitja Bricelj, Ph.D., is a geographer. Activities and positions in the period 1990 – 2013: member of the Ministry for Environment Republic of Slovenia, co-funding member of International Commission for Sava River Basin, coordinator of Coastal Area Management Program Slovenia (UNEP/MAP 2004-2007), President of the Bureau of Barcelona Convention (2005-2008), Slovenian President od the International Commission for Protection Danube River/ICPDR (2010), author of three independent publications and numeros articles.

Mr. Christos Kontogeorgos, Head of Holding Funds Advisory Central and South-Eastern Europe, Jessica and Investment Funds, European Investment Bank Up

Christos Kontogeorgos, Head of Holding Funds Advisory Central and South-Eastern Europe, Jessica and Investment Funds, European Investment Bank

Head of Central and South-Eastern Europe Unit in the JESSICA and Investment Funds Division (EIB). Before joining JESSICA, Christos Kontogeorgos has acted as Head of EIB’s Athens Office and Special Advisor to the Secretary General for Investments and Development of the Ministry of Economy, Hellenic Republic. He has also worked in the EIB Legal Directorate. Before joining EIB in 2000, he was a legal and banking consultant and employed by, among others, DG Energy (1993), PWC (1997-1999) and Stet Hellas SA (1999-2000). He is a graduate of the University of Athens, Law School (1991) and the University of London, Queen Mary College (LL.M., 1992).

Mr. Roberta Calcina, Project Manager, SEE Joint Technical Secretariat Up

Mr. Roberta Calcina, Project Manager, SEE Joint Technical Secretariat

Roberta Calcina works as programme manager at the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Southeast Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (SEE) since 2008. Responsible for the implementation of the SEE priority 3 “Improvement of Accessibility”, the coordination of the assessment of proposals submitted for funding under the specific priority, the monitoring of the results achieved and related adaptation of SEE programme objectives in relation to transport strategies for the SEE region, the provision of technical support to ensure the concrete involvement of the key stakeholders. Prior to this position, Roberta has been in charge of cooperation projects related to sustainable mobility since 2004, mainly in the Alpine region, including international consultancies, technical assistance to the public administration and other working assignments in Italy, Austria, France, and Germany. Roberta graduated in Development Economics at the University of Firenze (Italy).

Mr. Jurij Kobal, CEO, OIKOS Up

Mr. Jurij Kobal, CEO, OIKOS

Jurij Kobal (Twitter: @JurijKobal, e-mail: jurij.kobal@oikos.si) has several years of experience in development and implementation of strategic documents on national, regional and local level. From first days of his business life he was involved in rural and regional development projects on local and regional level. He started on Villages renewal program of Slovenia and later built his knowledge in project preparation and evaluations. With an excellent knowledge of processes management in strategic planning and decision making he facilitates implementation of national strategies on regional and local level. He is involved in preparation, management and implementation of EU funded programs and projects. He likes PCM training for public and private institutions while he trained more than 12.000 trainees, attending trainings in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia where he his training skills are always marked as excellent. Jurij has an excellent knowledge of Balkan Countries including EU programs and national funding schemes and procedures. His latest assignments are: Evaluation of the CBC program Macedonia/Albania, High level politicians training for regional policies in Serbia, Rural incubator in Dubrovnik Neretva County, Turkish trail rural development project in Osjek-Baranja County, Airport of Dubrovnik Master Plan, Feasibility study for restoration of the Erdödy mannor in Jastrebarsko, Ongoing monitoring and the Mid-term evaluation of the European regional development fund, European social fund, Rural development fund and Cohesion fund in Slovenia for the period 2007-2013, Project-Cycle-Management Trainings according to EU Standards within the project Municipal Economic Development in the Danube Region, Analysis of development potential and modeling of functional regions in Slovenia, »Competitiveness of Slovenia 2006-2013«, Assessment of administrative and institutional capacity building interventions and future needs in the context of European Social Fund. Jurij is a Director of Oikos, Sustainable development, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro (Internet: www.oikos.si, Twitter: @oikos1989).

Mr. Janko Pirkovič, Director, BTC Logistic Up

Janko Pirkovič, Director, BTC Logistic

Completed the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, and a specialist study in organisation and logistics management at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Kranj.
Employed in BTC d.d. in the position of director of Business Unit Logistics Centre.
In the period from 1983 to 1991 I was undersecretary at the Ministry of Transport, in charge of freight and bus transport.
Chairman of the management board of the Transport Association with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and member of the Logistics Association of Slovenia.

Mr. Milan Jelenc,, MSc, Member of the Management Board, Slovenian Railways Up

Milan Jelenc, MSc, Member of the Management Board, Slovenian Railways

Mr Milan Jelenc, MSc, holds a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in business administration. He has spent over thirty years working in the business sector, managing and supervising various enterprises in the areas of transport, freight forwarding and logistics. During that time, he worked in some of the key Slovenian logistics companies, such as BTC, Intereuropa, Port of Koper, and Adriakombi, while also spending multiple years in the public sector, where he was responsible for transport and telecommunication sector. After joining Slovenian Railways (SŽ) at the end of 2008, he initially performed various tasks regarding the management of the freight subsidiary SŽ Cargo. At the beginning of this year, he became a Member of the Management Board of the Slovenian Railways Group (SŽ Group) and is currently in charge of transport and logistics areas. In addition to his business career, he spent long years in academic circles as a senior lecturer in logistics and freight forwarding, teaching at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož as well as at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. He also published multiple academic articles and other scientific literature.

Mr. Dušan Minić, Serbian Society of Urban Planners Up

Dušan Minić, Serbian Society of Urban Planners

Mr Dusan Minic, President of the Serbian Urban Planners Society. I was born on January 27th, 1948 in Orasac nearby Arandjelovac, Republic of Serbia. I had passed Fulltime studies at University of Kragujevac, Postgraduate studies at Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, section Urban and Housing Economy. I'm involved in urban affairs continuously for 37 years. At Directorate for Planning and Construction I was working as a Deputy General Director. I participated in the making or headed around 55 urban and spatial plans, programs and studies. A number of papers were published in the literature and press releases (from concept to implementation). In the period from 2007 to 2010, I was a member of the Republic Agency for Spatial Planning of Serbia, and President of the Commission for taking the exam in the field of urban planning. I am one of the founders of the Planning Summer School, which is held in Serbia since 2005. Now I’m the President of the Serbian Society of Urban Planners. I was awarded with a gold coin with the Charter Captain "Misa Anastasijević" within the Project “Way to the top” in 2010. I am also the recipient of several awards from the Serbian Society of Urban Planners: “Mihajlo Radovanovic” Award, The Golden Badge of Urbanism, Charter prominent individuals (50 years jubilee of the Serbian Urban Planners), Grand Award for Lifetime Achievement “Emiljian Josimović”, etc.

Mr. Lilijana Madjar, CEO Ljubljana Urban Region, Up

Lilijana Madjar, CEO Ljubljana Urban Region,

Lilijana Madjar is a Director of Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (www.rralur.si). A BA in economics and Msc in management from the University of Ljubljana, Lilijana Madjar had been a Director of Guarantee and Maintenance Fund of Slovenia and Financial Director of Produkcija Plus (POP TV). As a director of RRA LUR she is currently actively involved in European development institutions and projects dealing with sustainable mobility and energy efficiency (e.g. EU 2020 Going Local). She is a Member of the Steering Committee of the European project Creative Cities and CC Alps and a Member of Development Council of West Slovenia Cohesion Region.

Mrs. very active also as a speaker at professional conferences. In September 2011 she participated at the Conference on Regional Development of South Eastern Region of Serbia with a presentation “The System of Development Agencies in Slovenia and the Most Important Projects”. In October 2011 she held a presentation “Creative Cities and Regions for an Innovative Europe” at the 9th European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels. She actively participated at the 2012 Podim Conference titled Potentials of Creative Industries. She participated at the Design Days 2012 with a presentation titled “Value Chains as an Approach to Development of Creative Industries in the Region” and at the Design Days 2013 where she has presented Creative Camp Ljubljana with the title »Designing an Agenda or how to avoid solving problems that aren't.«

Mr. Barbara Vrtačnik, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Employment, Regional Office Ljubljana Up

Barbara Vrtačnik, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Employment, Regional Office Ljubljana

Barbara Vrtačnik is the director of the Employment Service of Slovenia, Regional office Ljubljana. The regional office, with its 9 local offices and 160 employees, provides services to one quarter of unemployed and one third of employers in Slovenia. In 1990 she finished her studies at the University of Ljubljana, higher vocational School for social work. She began her career as an employment adviser at Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS). In 2003, after gaining 13 years of valuable experience, she graduated from educational sciences (andragogy) at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts. Between 2004 and 2007 her main tasks included the development of educational contents of programmes for the unemployed and implementation of training with provision of professional support to ESS employees. In 2007 she became the head of Employment and Analytics Department at ESS Regional office Ljubljana. During this time she also laid the foundations of what was to become the ESS Educational Center. Since 2010 she has been one of the central figures in the Employment Service as the director of its largest regional office. She is constantly working to improve ESS services, with an emphasis on cooperation with all potential local partners, raising competencies of ESS employees and by introducing or reorganising more customer-oriented ESS services; e.g. career centres for job seekers and unemployed and “one-stop shops” for employers. She is a member of the Slovene Human Resource Association.

Mr. Sandi Meke, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Employment, Regional Office Ljubljana Up

Sandi Meke, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Employment, Regional Office Ljubljana

Sandi Meke coordinates work with employers and manages employment and international projects at the Employment Service of Slovenia, Regional office Ljubljana (www.ess.gov.si). In 2005 he graduated from political sciences at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. His interests led him to work in the field of employment of foreigners in Slovenia and to support job mobility in Europe by becoming an adviser in the EURES network. As a trained specialist at the Employment Service, he provided information, guidance and placement, to both jobseekers and employers interested in the European job market. Since 2010, he has managed larger recruitment projects and cooperated with employers in cases of larger redundancies in the Central Slovenia region. In 2012 he joined the Employment Service Regional office Ljubljana’s effort to upgrade its services to employers, in order to become a leader in the field of employment and live up to its mission to be “an efficient, user-friendly and user-oriented Employment Service”. He actively cooperates with international partners in exchange of experiences, views and information, particularly on labour market issues, employment and vocational training.

Ms. Tanja Fajon, Member , European Parliament Up

Tanja Fajon, Member	, European Parliament

Born in 1971, master degree from International Politics (Paris, 2005)
Member of the European Parliament since 2009

Tanja Fajon graduated in journalism at the University of Ljubljana. She worked as a journalist for Radio Glas Ljubljana (1991-1995), daily newspaper Republika (1993) and RTV Slovenia (1995-2009) – from 2001 on as a journalist and correspondent from Brussels. She was also a reporter for CNN (1995-2001).

Tanja Fajon was elected to the European parliament in 2009. She works within the political group of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats. She is a full Member in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and active as a substitute Member in the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Tanja Fajon has been actively involved in the Western Balkan region politics. She is a substitute Member of the Delegation for relations with Albania, BIH, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo and a rapporteur on the visa liberalization process for the Western Balkans.


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