Ljubljana Forum 2013

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Territorial foresight: successful tool in Managing Water & Transport
Mr. Ibon Zugasti, President, European Collegue of Foresight

Enabling modern city utilities, EU Regulations and eGovernment
Mr. Alexander Prosser, prof.dr., WU, ViennaUniversity

Smarter Transportation for a Smarter City
Mr. Mark Chetwood, Vice President, Industries and Value Creation, CEE, IBM

From the Abacus to the Cloud - The re-making of a city
Mr. Lorenzo Madrid, Senior Consultant,Redmond USA, GFS Institute

Full FERRMED Corridors in EU Core Network
Mr. Joan Amorós, Secretary General, FERRMED

From Ljubljana Gap to Ljubljana Gate
Mr. Miran Gajšek, Head of Planning Municipality of Ljubljana, Co-chairman of Ljubljana Forum

Multilevel governance for Sustainable Urban Mobility in the EU
Mr. Mark Major, DG MOVE, European Commission

International Sava River Basin Commission – A Joint Vision and Program for Sustainable Development of the Region
Mr. Dejan Komatina, PhD, Secretary,International Sava River Basin Commission

Transport Corridors in the Danube region – Is coordination needed?
Mr. Franc Žepic, MSc, Priority Area Coordinator, EU Danube Strategy, Ministry for Infrastructureand Spatial Planning

Smarter Cities Citizen Inclusion: Citizen Collaboration & Social Media Analytics
Mr. Michele Leonardi, PhD, IBM, Chief Operational O_cer, IBM Slovenia

VO-KA: Achievements and current challenges
Mrs. Brigita Jamnik, PhD, VO-KA, Ljubljana

Ground water - a hidden treasure
Mr. Marko Komac, PhD, Director, Geological Survey of Slovenia

Protection, regulation and utilisation of the Sava river from Slovenian border to the city of Sisak
Mr. Leo Penovic, MEng, General Manager, HEP RVNP

BMW I, the megacity vehicle
Mr. Lothar Schupet, CEO, BMW Group Slovenia

Sustainability guaranteed through smart solution with innovative partners
Mr. Christof Droste, Managing Director, Hella Saturnus Slovenia

Innovative Solutions for Creating Smarter Cities
Mr. David García Ternero, CEO & Co-founder, Wellness Telecom

Port of Koper - Industry solutions for sustainable – smart – inclusive Cities
Mr. Mitja Dujc, Sales and Marketing Dept., Port of Koper

Knowledge for Development of Mobility and Transport in CEE region – Slovenian perspective
Mr. Aleš Groznik, prof.dr., Faculty of Economics, Department of Information Sciences, University of Ljubljana

NGOs - a dynamic force for smart and attractive cities
Mrs. Helene von Reibnitz, CEO, Scenarios & Visions Consulting

NGOs as participatory intermediaries for development of Cities
Mr. Simon Delakorda, Director, Institute for eParticipation

The Urban Potential of a Transport Interchange - Vienna’s most complex actual masterplan cooperative planning methods
Mr. Peter Lorenz, Peter Lorenz Ateliers

ISRBC Projects for Sustainable Development of the Region
Mr. Dejan Komatina, PhD, Secretary, ISRBC

Sava River Basin Strategy PRIORITY projects
Mr. Mitja Bricelj, PhD, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Republic of Slovenia

Sustainable Urban Development in the Danube Region - the EIB's Role
Mr. László Baranyay, Vice President, European Investment Bank

JESSICA – A financial instrument for city investments
Mr. Christos Kontogeorgos, Head of Holding Funds Advisory Central and South-EasternEurope, Jessica and Investment Funds, European Investment Bank

From SEE 2007 – 2013 toward Danube 2014 – 2020: transnational cooperation in action
Ms. Roberta Calcina, Project Manager, SEE Joint Technical Secretariat

Financial instruments and business models for development of Cities
Mr. Jurij Kobal, CEO, OIKOS

Innovative Valley Ljubljana
Mr.Stane Pejovnik, prof.dr., Professor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana

Intermodal Logistics Terminal Ljubljana - The ILT Project
Mr. Janko Pirkovic, Director, BTC Logistic centre
Mr. Milan Jelenc, MSc, Member of the Management Board, Slovenian Railways

Spatial Development Concept of the Sava River Basin Area
Ms. Sandra Jakopec & Mr. Zoran Hebar, Association of Croatian Urban Planners
Ms. Breda Mihelic,PhD, Director, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
Ms. Barbara Mušic and Mr. Boštjan Cotic, Town and Spatial Association of Slovenia
Mr. Dušan Minic,Serbian Society of Urban Planners

Public Transport in Ljubljana Urban Region
Ms. Lilijana Madjar, CEO Ljubljana Urban Region
Mr. Jure Miljevic, Mr. Cveto Gregorc, MSc
Mr. Bruno Bensa, Omega Consult

Working together for creation of new jobs in Ljubljana
Ms. Barbara Vrtacnik & Mr. Sandi Meke, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Employment, Regional Office Ljubljana

Sava River Basin Strategy
Mr. Mitja Bricelj, PhD, Secretary, Environment Directorate / Water Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment

Round table on Job creation in Europe: Sustainable - Smart - Inclusive Europe enabling job creation through the proper Management of Cities & Regions
Mr. Boris Podrecca, Atelier Podrecca


Agenda Ljubljana Forum 2013

Agenda Ljubljana Forum 2013

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