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Ljubljana Forum 2012
Foresight conference on Energy Efficiency & being Always On-Line, gathered 160 participants from 29 different countries and many online viewers from all around the world to learn, to exchange and discuss their views and experiences on European sustainability challenges, existing energy efficiency industry solutions and new business models and future possibilities for making our cities even smarter and even more energy efficient. Following the conferences’ conclusions, the Future of Cities Model has been designed.

Ljubljana Forum 2012

Ljubljana Forum 2012 Summary Report
Ljubljana Forum 2012 report

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One Pager on Future of Cities 2012

Ljubljana Forum 2011

Conference on Future of Cities was creative and impressive vision building event, where various stakeholders discussed global challenges, European identity of cities and smart industry solutions for future of cities.

Ljubljana Forum 2011

Summary report on Future of Cities 2011



Agenda Ljubljana Forum 2013

Agenda Ljubljana Forum 2013

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