Ljubljana Forum 2012

Future of Cities: Sustainable development and energy efficiency

Ljubljana Castle, 20. - 21. September 2012

Agenda pdf (0,8 MB)

Mr Anton Rop, Vice-President, European Investment Bank
EIB financing for energy efficiency  Presentation (0,6 MB)

Mr Jerome C. Glenn, Director of The Millennium Project
Global Challenges and the Role of Metropolises Presentation (1,5 MB)

Ms Barbara Haering, PhD Managing Partner Econcept & ETH University Zurich
“Europe 2030'' Sustainable Development Model & Energy Efficiency  Presentation (0,7 MB)

Mr Miran Gajšek, Head of the Department for Spatial Planning, City of Ljubljana, European Association of Urban Planners
Ljubljana Urban Development Plan / Metropolitan Region and Danube Strategy  Presentation (0,2 MB)

Mr Ibon Zugasti, President of The European Regional Foresight College
Strengthening foresight capabilities in Europe through cooperation = ERFC + EUMPI  Presentation (0,6 MB)

Ms Reyhan Huseynova, Chief Executive Officer of Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, The Millennium Project
Connecting Europe and Azerbaijan through Foresight  Presentation (4 MB)

Mr Stane Merše, Head of Energy eciency Centre, Institute Jozef Stefan
City of Ljubljana towards 2050 Enabling sustainable development  Presentation (0,7 MB)

Mr David Burrows, Managing Director – EMEA Government Industry, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation
Real impact for better cities  Presentation (1,5 MB)

Ms Helena Petrin, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board, BTC City
BTC d.d. An example of ecient energy-management and eective use of information and communication solutions  Presentation (3,7 MB)

Ms Martina Merslavic, Siemens d.o.o.
Green City Index  Presentation (1,5 MB)

Mr Tonda Rolf Oberbacher, Director Business Development Sustainability, SAP EMEA
SAP Urban Matters Make Urban Life better  Presentation (2,5 MB)

Mr Jože Torkar, Director-General, Eltec Petrol d.o.o.
Energy and environmental solutions  Presentation (0,8 MB)

Mr Giorgio Tarchi, Sales Manager - Emerging Countries and Balkans, Skylogic
Satellite broadband on the fast lane  Presentation (1,3 MB)

Mr Christof Droste, General Manager, Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o.
"Thinking out of the box"- Inovation, Interaction, Intelligence  Presentation (1,3 MB)

Mr Saša Bavec, Knauf Insulation
Knauf Insulation solutions for energy efficient cities  Presentation (0,9 MB)

Mr Rajko Pirnat, prof.dr., Director, Institute for Public Administration at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana
Enabling Cross-border Infrastructure Projects  Presentation (0,6 MB)

Mr Ozcan Saritas, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR), University of Manchester
Foresight Enabling Prosperity of Cities  Presentation (0,6 MB)

Ms Agnès Morel, EPEC
Financial instruments by EIB/EPEC (ELENA)  Presentation (0,2 MB)

Ms Ana Seliškar, Head of IT Department, City of Ljubljana
City Transformation for Digital Future, The case of City of Ljubljana  Presentation (0,7 MB)

Mr Alexander Prosser, Chairman of the Forum eGovernment at the Austrian Computer Society, University of Vienna
eGovernance of Metropolis  Presentation (1,1 MB)

Mr Michaël Van Cutsem, Director of Research and Head of the Foresight Unit at The Destree Institute
Online foresight in Wallonia  Presentation (6,6 MB)

Ms Lilijana Madjar,, director of RDA Ljubljana Urban Region
Sustainable transport and energy eciency: the case of Ljubljana urban region  Presentation (2,1 MB)

Mr Sithole Mbanga, CEO South African Cities Network
African perspective on sustainable development of cities  Presentation (2,3 MB)

Mr Matjaž Čepon, technical director Europlakat
BICIKELJ: easy to use and cheap transport in Ljubljana  Presentation (2,1 MB)

Mr Andrej Brglez, Egozero
A new way of travel  Presentation (0,2 MB)

Mr Mitja Jermol, Institute Jozef Stefan
Smart City & Knowledge City of Ljubljana  Presentation (0,6 MB)


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