Ljubljana Forum 2011

Ljubljana Forum 2011 was one of the most creative and impressive vision building events where business, knowledge and ambitious urban projects met. Organizer of the conference, Center for eGovernance Development, wanted to position City of Ljubljana as a regional capital that boosts future pace in the development of the Danube region with a link to the recently set EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The EU Strategy for Danube Region conditions and also orientates the economic, social and territorial cohesion of particular European Union region, that needs to be taken into consideration when planning the future of urban areas. Therefore the intention of the conference was also to define the key role of Metropolitan areas of growth (MEGA) in programme periods and/or financial perspectives of European Union (2007-2013; 2014 – 2020; 2021 – 2027).

The ambition of the very first city futures international gathering was to grow into constant, annual or biennial event - LJUBLJANA FORUM 2011, International City Foresight Conference.

The invited speakers were honorable home and foreign experts, who presented their views, shared their experiences and good practices of managing cities, needs of the economy and views to urban futures.


  • CeGD


    Centre for eGovernance Development for SEE

Summary Report

Summary report on Future of Cities

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